Digital media increasingly plays a key role in the consumer decision and buying process. From watching “how-to” videos to researching products and reading reviews, shopping is no longer about driving to a store and seeking direction on what to buy or how much to pay. Today’s consumer generation does its homework ahead of time and comes fully prepared with their wants and needs. This concept very much aligns with the real estate industry and consumers during the home searching process.

Search engines play a critical role as home shoppers want to stay actively engaged and prepared with questions. Home shoppers, on average, will make searches prior to acting on a real estate site by using local keyword terms to find homes.

Real estate consumers using the internet during the research process also use multiple sources. However, realtors who use offline marketing techniques and sales channels such as, yard signs, open houses, print advertisement and or magazines, should incorporate digital to complement those efforts. Capturing a home shopper’s attention and building a personal brand is essential to tell your story on a mobile device.

Home shoppers use mobile search engine throughout their research and it is important for realtors to employ a niche mobile marketing technique to ensure they are discoverable. Shoppers use their mobile devices predominantly at home or at work. However, research is also conducted as consumers are waiting in line, dining at a restaurant, or at other people’s homes.

Opportunity for realtors to market home shoppers using online video is a satisfaction buyers look for during their research needs. Online video allows shoppers to learn more about the community, take a virtual tour, obtain general information, compare features, watch instructional videos, and much more. YouTube is considered the top video research destination for home shoppers.

While shoppers use specific online tools during the different stages of their home search process, it is important to understand and leverage how mobile technology connects online to offline home buying.