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Photo by- Adrienne Bruce



Adrienne Bruce now calls Philadelphia home with a devotion to caring for her patients daily as a hard working, passionate surgeon. She dedicates 80+ hours per week to her growing career yet still prioritizes her love of blogging & photography at her very own Cross + Harper- a life of coffee, books, & simple joy. The origin of Cross + Harper; Cross- the street in South Philly Adrienne calls home, Harper- her beautiful dog she adopted upon moving into her home. She is a avid advocate for #adoptdontshop.



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“I am a current surgical resident living in Philadelphia with a penchant for exploring the city I live in, connecting with others over coffee and books, and embracing a simplified lifestyle. I started my blog to accomplish those goals and to create an outlet through which I could form connections with others outside of my profession. As a blogger and amateur photographer, I strive to find the beauty within this city that others may miss, all while searching for the best cups of coffee around.”

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Adrienne is an avid coffee lover & ventures to many of Philly’s best shops.


Here are a few her favorites:

1. Walnut Street Cafe-


2. Rival Bro’s Coffee Roaster-


3. Function Coffee Labs- 



Photo by- Adrienne Bruce



Which Philly coffee shop should you visit?

Adrienne provided us an exclusive resource for you!

Here is a QUIZ to unlock your next cup of joe adventure!