When I first started selling, my clients would frequently require a dedicated room for use as an office or a den area that could be used as a work space. Other times clients would opt for a a spare bedroom that could used as an office space for the 95% of the year that they do no have guests staying with them.


However, over recent years, with the predominant shift to wireless connectivity, a dedicated space in not necessarily required.  Now that my clients can work from anywhere in their home, I have noticed that a dedicated space has become a case of personal preference.  Some find value in the ability to create a work like environment by closing a door to remove any distractions or interruptions. Others prefer working from their sofa or their kitchen island, knowing they can be just as productive.



Ultimately, the fact that employers are moving towards a work from home model for their professionals, is very well received by my client base.  Most of my clients find  time spent traveling back and forth from the work place is non productive and working from home actually allows them to use this time in a more productive manor. This all in all creates a enhanced work life balance.