Through the past year, I have come to terms with many parts of my business that I needed to change. Philadelphia is a booming market in real estate right now. It is only growing with transition of developments in emerging neighborhoods. Due to this emergence, I have had to adjust & redevelop my presence online.

In order to stand out in real estate I knew having different colors & designs on my pictures would allow me to share my personality with potential clients. Social media has become a main way of communication in real estate. Having a overall online presence will allow me to grow my reputation in the industry.



After searching around for months, I found Francesca Ragucci Marketing. Within her business she has the capabilities of achieving what I set out to do – develop a brand identity to create awareness around my business online & build a strategy to establish my credibility on a new platform – social media.

When Francesca & I started working together, I knew that black and pink were my colors. Pink is stand out, strong & symbolizes opportunity, success & insight. Black denotes strength & authority. It is also known to be associated as a prestigous and elegant color.


I slowly understood her philsophy of creating a uniform brand by sticking to specific colors & fonts through my full online presence – social media, website, emailing clients, tangible marketing material & so on. Now, when I line all my business material up it flows & achieves a sense of who I am within my business. This has surely allowed me to grow my network through social media.