City Center Philadelphia, which includes the central business district and central neighborhoods are ideal for those craving the busy city life. Rich in history, City Center has an abundance of museums drawing the attention of many arts and history lovers. Although most of the attractions close at night, the area’s appeal doesn’t wane at sunset.  Nighttime entertainment is available on nearly every street. Bars and restaurants are in surplus, adding to the vibrancy of the busy streets.  

Center City has a distinctive setting with an extensive mix of modern lifestyles and is a haven for affluent city dwellers. However, many residents have a desire for solitude living while still being part of the hustle and bustle of Center City. This is totally possible to achieve with high-rise apartments with private roof deck amenities tucked away and private streets away from mainstream sounds and traffic. Both provide exclusivity and peaceful living. This exclusivity allows for spectacular views of the Center City skyline echoing a lifestyle unaffected by disturbance.

Whether you choose Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square or Graduate Hospital to call home, peaceful living can be achieved. With an abundance of green spaces providing relief from the daily fast-paced lifestyle, residents can feel calm and tranquil while having front door access to the vibrant city.  Escape from the populous fast past areas and explore the secluded neighborhoods that Philadelphia has to offer. Thus providing you with a relaxing environment right in the heart of the city. 

Take all of this into consideration as we work together to buy or sell you Center City home. A new chapter of living awaits!