An open mind is like an open window, it lets the fresh air in. I am viewing this time as a window of opportunity to connect with my clients and to continue to grow as a realtor. I am opening my mind to fresh ideas. I have found that technology is the key to unlocking this window of opportunity.

Instead of sitting in a room and looking at the walls, I have recognized the room for growth. As important as face-to-face interaction is to connect, I continue to foster relationships with clients by using technology for a unique and engaging experience we can all enjoy. Just as clients look for room to grow in a home, I am seeking room to raise the bar of the virtual real estate experience. By using tools such as YouTube for virtual home tours and Instagram polls I am able to bring people together to view the process of real estate in a whole new light. 

Technology will never replace a great real estate agent but technology in the hands of a great agent is remarkable. Trust that as your neighbor and realtor, I am not closing the door of real estate but instead opening the door to an interactive community experience we can all benefit from. 

At the moment, your home is where you will remain safe, but it is also a place to explore your imagination and grow. Let us all use this time to let the fresh air in and use technology to unlock our virtual windows of opportunity.

Let me be the light in your window and your biggest advocate!