The Fall Market is upon us. Opportunity is knocking to buy and sell in the city before the end of 2020. This year is one for the books with record momentum from the Summer to Fall with high buyer demand. Just as the market was uncertain in the Spring, I have seen the local real estate market kick into gear over the past 4 months, with eager home buyers ready to make a move. Sellers, this is good news for you as high buyer demand means your home is on the market for fewer days than previous months. Even within my recent sales, clients properties are going under contract in a matter of days after the home goes live on MLS. 


So what gives? 


Early 2020 showed promise with entering a new decade and high hope. The second quarter of the year served as a wake-up call in terms of safety and security in living arrangements. Now and towards the end of 2020, the market is looking up while homeowners decide it is finally time to list and buyers are active in the market again. 


Since buyer demand is high, this means the home supply in the city is low, especially since ready and able buyers are jumping at the chance to purchase. With me as your Realtor, we can get through this together. As a specialist in home sales, I understand the direction the market is turning even before the official reports come out. This year, Philadelphia real estate has experienced many challenges and triumphs. A recent client of mine put their Center City property under contract within 9 days in August! This sale is a testament to the current landscape. 


The digital house hunting experience is alive as people hang out at home to browse new listings on the internet. Buyers seek a unique experience to watch an Open House on Facebook LIVE and click around a 360 virtual tour to take matters into their own hands. In person and over the phone meetings are still welcome as I continue to help you fulfill your real estate needs as #YourNeighborYourRealtor.