Living in Center City, you cannot help but notice how majestically the tall skyscrapers loom over the historical architecture below. With its electric atmosphere that awakes even the calmest of souls, Center City radiates an energy of community and togetherness. You see artists collaborating on the streets, filling your ears with the sound of fresh music. Restaurants, coffee shops and city streets are bustling with people. However, being part of the lively atmosphere of the city, privacy is not easily come by. 

Stepping out of the city rush and into a tranquil, serene home, will require you to change your point of view of standard city living. Creating a private and fulfilling living space is possible. Many residences in Center City can relate to the need for a relaxing and calming space.

Developers have started seeing an increase in demand for amenities that will ensure Center City living provides tranquillity and focuses more on privacy. Developments such as, 10 Rittenhouse, offers luxury units with fantastic city views of Rittenhouse Square, a spa and saline lap pool and a private garden courtyard. A new development in Center City, Arthuas offers spectacular panoramic city views, 36,000 square feet of gardens, serenity pools, a sundeck, and a first of its kind rooftop glass-enclosed greenhouse.

Tranquil living, where a home provides peace, serenity and most of all, privacy, has become a very sought after commodity for families in order to break-away from their busy lifestyles and to retreat to a place where they can relax and become re-energized.

Take all of this into consideration as we work together to find you a peaceful home in Center City!