skilled at relaying effective communications between buyers and sellers

“Nicole is an exceptional agent. She helped me and my husband buy a house in 2008 and again in 2016. In January of 2016 we were in bad situation due to an attempted home purchase that fell through. We were using a different agent at the time (as a result of a casual dog park conversation in which I expressed interest in a particular house to someone who I didn’t know was a realtor.) Long story short we were forced to move our entire house into a storage unit and had to temporarily live in Wilmington DE with relatives until we found a place in Philly. We remembered Nicole from buying our first house, so we called her as soon as we knew the deal we were involved in was a total failure. She remembered exactly who we were from 8 years ago and immediately started helping us look for a house. It was not easy – we were desperate to move at a time when the inventory was low and the buyers’ market was competitive. Nicole smoothly submitted offers on 3 different places for us. We never went under agreement with the first house after going back and forth a few times with the seller. Our offer on the second house was accepted. We had to have several different inspections, which Nicole was all present for, but a defect was uncovered that we could not risk taking on financially. As we saw this unfolding we asked Nicole to immediately get us out of that particular contract, and submit an offer on a third house, our current home. She did this seamlessly and the new deal went through as we got out of buying the house with the defect. We cannot thank Nicole enough for her efforts. Although it was unintentional, we made her do a lot of work. Our frustration levels were through the roof between 3 deals that didn’t work out, not having a place to live or access to our belongings, a long commute to work that we weren’t used to, we were overwhelmed financially, a lawsuit looming over our heads relating to the very first house, and feeling rushed into buying a home as a result of our living situation. We were unhappy and difficult clients at times, and in hindsight, there probably aren’t many agents who would have stuck by us like Nicole did. In addition to her diligence, she is very skilled at relaying clear and effective communications between buyers and sellers, and is extremely knowledgeable about the buying process. If we went to Nicole from the start we would have never ended up in the situation we were in. We plan to use her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone in the market.”

1317 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19122