If you were to choose one color to be the centerpiece of your home for the new decade, which would you choose? 

Benjamin Moore has announced that a warm rosy Pink is their color of the year. Pink isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude that represents hope and optimism. There is something truly magical about the color pink. When you notice it’s vibrancy, you’re instantly happy. This color represents my business. It takes the ordinary and adds a spark to ignite the extraordinary, something I pride myself on in the sometimes ‘black & white’ business of real estate.

What if your home made you feel the same way your favorite color does? No matter what life throws your way, you know that you’ll find peace, happiness and hope in your home. You know you cannot control the uncertainty each day brings, but you do know for sure that your home will provide comfort and security. 

Use the new year and the new decade as a significant moment to do something interesting, something you’ve always wanted. 

I am the Realtor that holds the key to the colorful masterpiece that is your dream home. I am here to help you find your new home in Philadelphia. Let me be your biggest advocate.