The process of buying or selling a home has many moving parts, lots of paperwork and tons of questions to be asked and answered. With professionalism, extensive knowledge of real estate, attention to detail and a strong commitment to putting client’s needs first, it can be a walk in the park.

I not only have 15+ years’ experience and a solid understanding of the real estate market, but I am also a resident of Center City Philadelphia. You may find me more suitable as a Realtor not only because of my knowledge of the business but because I shop at Rittenhouse Farmers Market, indulge my foodie side at all the newest restaurants, or maybe because I find a lot of joy just by walking my dog, Sasha around the city on a gorgeous day. I live the lifestyle that I sell. There is no need to take out a map to begin the journey to your dream home, just ask me for directions. 

I am also aware that the process of real estate is changing at a rapid pace in addition to the everyday fluctuations of the city itself. That is why I take advantage of today’s innovative technology and social media platforms to market homes. Often the difference between a complicated process and a more enjoyable one is who you decide to take on that journey with you. Change is inevitable in this business as well as for the betterment of this city and I embrace it with open arms.

If you are new to the process, know I’ve weathered the real estate storms in pursuit of sunshine. If you’ve been through the process with no luck, know that I take the time to put you first. Let me be your biggest advocate and show you that Philadelphia real estate can be a walk in the park and a beautiful one at that.